Multiplier Events 2 and 3

The second multiplier event took place on June 23rd, at 10am hosted by Universidad de Salamanca.[...]

Sounds of Hospitality at Nottingham Refugee Week

The documentary "Sounds of Hospitality" has been signposted as part of Nottingham Refugee Week,[...]

Sounds of Hospitality

Sounds of Hospitality is out The music documentary “Sounds of Hospitality: Migrant Musicians[...]

Woman, Work, and Hospitality

WOMAN, WORK AND HOSPITALITY Rosa Benéitez and Sofia Dias Oliveira Screening and seminar of[...]

Seminar at Maynooth University

Seminar at Maynooth University (Ireland) The seminar “Hospitality/’Hostipitality’:[...]

Screening of “Misión. Sahara” at Universidad de Valladolid (Cancelled)

Unfortunately, the screening had to be cancelled because of the coronavirus pandemic. On[...]

Concurso de Poesía y Relato Breve “Hostfilm” (Cancelado)

Lamentablemente, como consecuencia de la pandemia de coronavirus, nos vemos obligados a cancelar el[...]

Eco-hospitality Series: Session 4

On January 27, 2020, the fourth session of the film series “Hospitality in European Film:[...]

Markus Heide Hosts International Workshop

Migration and Contemporary Border Regimes: Sovereignty, Surveillance, Survival Markus Heide[...]

Jorge Diego leads discussion on “Even the Rain” in Kolkata

As part of the activities organised during his fellowship at the Centre for Advanced Studies of the[...]

Seminario Hostfilm, Universidad de Valladolid

Seminario Hostfilm Cine Europeo y Hospitalidad: Empatía, Hospitalidad, Esperanza Project[...]

Eco-Hospitality Series: Session 3

On Dec. 16th, 2019, the third session to the film series “Hospitality in European Film:[...]

Project Members Record Radio Podcast

Project members collaborated on the recording of radio podcasts for the programme "Sin Distancias"[...]

Prof. Ana Manzanas interviewed by USAL Radio

Prof. Ana María Manzanas was interviewed about the "Hospitality in European Film" project by USAL[...]

Eco-Hospitality Series: Session 2

On Nov. 25th, the second session to the film series "Hospitality in European Film: Eco-Hospitality"[...]

Eco-Hospitality Series: Session 1

On November 4th, 2019, Cines Van Dyck (Salamanca) in collaboration with the University of Salamanca[...]

Project Members at International AEDEAN Conference

Project members participated in the 43rd edition of the international Conference AEDEAN[...]

Master Seminar at UNED

SEMINAR at MA programme (UNED): Presentation of syllabus, Project and screening Facultad de[...]

Project Presetation at UNED, Madrid

ESCUELAS PÍAS (Madrid, Spain), an associated centre of UNED (Spain), hosted a presentation of the[...]

Documentary screening: Samba, un nombre Borrado

With the occasion of the fifth project meeting, project members screened the documentary Samba, un[...]

Film Series: Hospitalidad y Cine Europeo II: Eco-hospitalidad

Film Series: Hospitalidad en el cine europeo II: Eco-Hospitalidad In collaboration with Cines[...]

Prof. Sofia Dias presents Conference paper on Language and immigration

Professor Sofia Dias presented the paper "Lengua, inmigración y fronteras: La representación[...]

Prof. Martin O’Shaughnessy delivers a conference paper

Prof. Martin O’Shaughnessy delivers a conference paper on cinema, migrants and political[...]

Prof. Jorge Diego Presents the Syllabus at International Seminar

Introduction of Syllabus and its Uses for HUMAN RIGHTS Project Member Jorge Diego Sánchez[...]

HOSTFILM participated in TCA Meeting at Bologna

Project leader Ana Mª Manzanas and team member Jesús Benito participated in the TCA "Fostering[...]

State High School Teachers use Film Analysis

Two state high schools in Ávila (Spain) have collaborated with Hospitality and European Film to[...]

Article in National Newspaper

In a recent article in the Austrian national newspaper Die Presse, Erika Pichler summarizes the[...]

Project Presentation – Valladolid

Project members Mónica Fernández and Patricia San José hosted the screening of Shilpa[...]

Patricia San José Presents Project

Dr. Patricia San José Rico (University of Valladolid) presented the project in her paper entitled[...]

Training Activity Uppsala

Training and Teaching Activity "Seminar on Hospitality in Movies", took place at Uppsala[...]

Prof. Jorge Diego presents paper on Hospitality issues

Jorge Diego Sánchez, member of the Project, presented a paper entitled “(Which-sort-of)[...]

Prof Jesús Benito presents the project in Graduate Seminar

Prof. Jesús Benito incorporated a new graduate seminar on Hospitality and Film in his Master[...]

Multiplier Event I: The Syllabus

Migration and Hospitality in European Cinema: First Multiplier Event The Multiplier Event entitled[...]

Film Screening: Bridge

On March 18th, 2019, the Research Project “Hospitality and European Film” and the producing[...]

Project Presentation at Programa Interuniversitario de la Experiencia

Project Leader Ana María Manzanas presented the Project in  Programa Interuniversitario  de la[...]

HOSTFILM on Tribuna Universitaria

Project Manager Prof. Ana María Manzanas was interviewed by Tribuna Universitaria about[...]

Film Series, Session IV

On January 28, 2019, Cines Van Dyck (Salamanca) in collaboration with the University of Salamanca[...]

Film Series, Session III

On December 17, 2018, Cines Van Dyck (Salamanca) in collaboration with the University of Salamanca[...]

Hospitality Seminar in Madrid

Team Members Domingo Hernández, Rosa Beneitez and Paula Barba participated in a Seminar[...]

MOOC Screening in Graz

As part of the Project Meeting that took place at University of Graz, Austria, on November 23rd,[...]

Film Series, Session II

On November 26, 2018, Cines Van Dyck (Salamanca) in collaboration with the University of Salamanca[...]

Prof Sofia Dias presents HOSTFILM project at Seminar in Pescara

Prof. Sofia Dias delivers the talk "A representação cinematográfica da imigração brasileira[...]

Film Series, Session I

Film Series, Session I On October 29, 2018, Cines Van Dyck (Salamanca) in collaboration with the[...]

Migrants and Refugees in the 21st Century

Project member Markus Heide presented the talk "Hospitality in European film: Migrants/refugees[...]

India in Spain: Jorge Diego delivers talk at Bengal Club, Kolkata

Project member Jorge Diego delivers a talk on  the filmic representation of Indian immigration[...]

Film Series: Hospitalidad en el cine europeo

Film Series: Hospitalidad en el cine europeo In collaboration with Cines Van Dyck, Salamanca,[...]

Prof. Ana M. Manzanas presents the Project in a seminar at Catholic University of Milan

  Prof. Ana María Manzanas delivered a seminar at the Università Cattolica del Sacro[...]

Re-membering Hospitality in the Mediterranean

Call for Papers for Peer-Reviewed Edited Volume Re-Membering Hospitality in[...]

HOSTFILM Best Paper Award, offered by the Hostfilm Project and the Department of American Studies, University of Graz

In partnership with the HostFilm project and the Department of American Studies at the University[...]

Seminar Lecture: Jorge Diego, “Dismantling India: Postcolonial Rewritings of the British Empire”

Jorge Diego Sánchez, member of Hospitality in European Film project, gave a guest lecture entitled[...]

Vandalus, “Nuevo Mundo”: Concert on Hospitality and Music, University of Salamanca (SPAIN)

  The concert on Hospitality and Music, held at University of Salamanca (Teatro Juan del[...]