Eco-Hospitality Series: Session 3

On Dec. 16th, 2019, the third session to the film series “Hospitality in European Film: Eco-Hospitality” was held. Prof. Rosa Beéitez and Prof. Míriam Gorham introduced Iciar Bolain’s film También la lluvia with a lecture entitled “La privatización del agua y otras formas de colonización en También la lluvia.” The event was attended by approximately 100 people. The introduction by Profs Benéitez and Borham emphasized Bollain’s use of cinematographic devices to elicit the audience’s active engagement with the issues presented. After the  screening of the film, a lively discussion focused on  issues like reverse hospitality, with visiting guests becoming oppressive hosts, colonialism and neocolonialism, the exploitation of natural resources then and now, etc.

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