Multiplier Events 2 and 3: MOOC and The Sounds of Hospitality

The second multiplier event took place on June 23rd, at 10am hosted by Universidad de Salamanca. Given the particular circumstances resulting from the coronavirus pandemic, the event took place online, through the application Blackboard Collaborate. Participants were invited to register online through a Google form set up for the occasion. The event counted on the presentation of the project and brief introduction of the two intellectual products by the project leader, Prof. Ana Manzanas. Later, Prof. Martin O’Shaughnessy provided a detailed presentation of the MOOC, going through the different sessions that it offers. This was followed by the presentation of the Documentary, The Sounds of Hospitality, by its two directors, Parisa Delshad and Michel Gasco. They went through the different stages in the production of the documentary, from the selection of musicians, to the shooting of the interviews in different countries, and the edition of the materials. As guest participants in the multiplier event, P. Delshad and M. Gasco invited two musicians featured in the documentary, Linda al Ahmad, from Syria, and Nizar Rohana, from Palestine, to discuss their experiences as migrant musicians in Europe. The multiplier event closed with a brief Q&A session.

Listen to the Multiplier Event:


Multiplier Event I :    Migration and Hospitality in European Cinema

The first Multiplier Event took place at Nottingham Trent University on April 27, 2019, organized by prof. Martin O’Shaughnessy.  The event presented the first intellectual product of the project, the syllabus of European films centered around issues of migration that team members have worked on. The Syllabus is now available on this website

Multiplier Event: Further information

Presentation of Hostfilm Project at Multiplier Event, Nottingham